Top Rating for SureStart PLUS Protected Roofs

by Mar 23, 2020

We are honored to receive this letter from CertainTeed’s Jay Butch, Director of Contractor Programs for CertainTeed Corporation regarding receiving a top rating for CertainTeed 5-Star SureStart PLUS Protected Roofs:

“Dear James:

Congratulations, your company registered the 2nd most SureStart PLUS™ warranty jobs in Washington for 2019! Considering the number of other eligible contractors in Washington, that is quite an accomplishment!

And you’ll be happy to learn that your company was the 28th highest in North America for registering SureStart PLUS™ warranty jobs; you can be proud of the fact that you surpassed thousands of other roofing companies!

It gives me great pleasure when companies like yours put the SELECT ShingleMaster program to good use. We appreciate your utilization of the Integrity Roof System™ and SureStart PLUS; I’m sure your customers are grateful as well.”

CertainTeed’s 5-Star SureStart PLUS extended warranty coverage extends our Workmanship Warranty from 10-years to 25-years. For more information about the warranty coverage, contact your estimator or our office at 425-485-0111 and we will be happy to explain.

Past CertainTeed 5-Star SureStart PLUS warranty honors include:

  • #1 in WA state for 5-Star SureStart PLUS warranted roofs in 2018, 2017, and 2016
  • #17 in the United States in 2018, #11 in 2017, Top 10 in 2016, Top 17 in 2014, Top 10 in 2008, and Top 10 in 2007 for 5-Star SureStart PLUS warranted roofs.

To view our profile on CertainTeed’s page, click here for our CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster Find a Pro page.