Top Bothell Vendor in The Best of Bothell Group

by | Mar 26, 2018

🏠 How's your roof looking? 🏠 In this episode of BOTHELL SPOTLIGHT, I meet Bothell's own Cornerstone Roofing team, who is one of the ⭐ Top Ranked Roofing Companies ⭐ on The Best of Bothell group. Don't miss the Awesome DIY tip as well! Great info for any homeowner 😁. Are you part of The Best of Bothell group? If not click here to join,

Posted by Jonathan Martis on Monday, March 19, 2018
Cornerstone Roofing, Inc. was featured as a Top Bothell Vendor! Thank you to Bothell Realtor Jonathan Martis for featuring us in The Best of Bothell group! Meet our Owner James, Estimator Mike, and Estimator Dave as they share about Cornerstone Roofing, our estimating process, the most common issue we see in roofing (ventilation), and how roof maintenance can help prevent leaking on your roof.

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